Mini Chess 5x5
Mini Chess 5x5: a minimalistic and speedy version of classic chess game

Apple Watch
iPad / iPhone
Apple TV

Blindfold version of Mini Chess 5x5
iPad / iPhone

Memory Knot Reminders

You never forget anything:
all you need is a little hint!

Color coded memory hints

Memory Knot Reminders

Memory Knot Reminders/Apple Watch app download

SMS Coach

Upgrade your texting skills!

Hundreds of abbreviations and dictionary

SMS Coach: Texting and chat tutor

SMS Coach/Apple Watch app download

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders

Event tracker app:

Gathers and consolidates info from
the Calendar and Reminders

iPad / iPhone

Viewer for Very Large Images

Huge images in full resolution

Viewer for very large image files for images way over 10000-by-10000, that is hundreds of megapixels

Viewer for Very Large Images

How much 32g sugar is in cubes or spoons on iPhone

Get the number
of teaspoons of sugar or
number of sugar cubes
for a given sugar content in grams

iPad / iPhone

iSentimental journal app on Mac

Keep a record of valuable days of your life

Lifelong journal and diary

iPad / iPhone

Unicode emoji and other symbols

Unicode Font Viewer

Browse through Unicode tables from all three major Unicode planes, view Unicode blocks using any font

Unicode Font Viewer iPad app download

Learn Arabic letters right on your watch!

App will teach you the alphabet, different forms of letters, and their pronunciation

Learn Arabic Letters on Watch/Apple Watch app download

Learn to read Cyrillic

Learn to read Cyrillic

App will teach you letter pronunciation for Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Macedonian, and Montenegrin alphabets

Learn to read Cyrillic/Apple Watch app download

Fighting Snakes game on iPad

Fight multiple evil snakes for space and food in order to survive

Fighting Snakes game on iPhone

Fighting Snakes
Fighting Snakes game on AppleTV

Also avilable
on AppleTV

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